Year 3 Final Project: Exhibition

It's about 3 men who get into a conversation where they brag about what they have. The 3rd character (in the middle) feels he has nothing worth comparing so he makes stuff up. Check out what happens. Big thank you to Manoli for the sound editing!

Year 3 Project:

After a lot of drawings, and simplifications I ended up with these 3 dudes. I did not want them to have many differences, just to stress out that they would be using their possessions to differ from each other, but still be part of the same group, as they would compete but also be similar to each other....if that makes any sense.

Character Turnaround

Exploring and Experimenting

This was done for the exploring animation module in 2nd year. The idea was to experiment with line, colour and synchronise everything with the music. Soundtrack by Manolis Manoli (Manix). Thank you dude!

The basic concept of this is the man, representing anything inspiring and life-giving, passes through this old, dull street and injecting life for a while.

EXPLORING AND EXPERIMENTING from Yiannis Philiastides on Vimeo.

Foundation Course Final Project

A project for my foundation course, focusing on expressions and how people's mood and feelings affect one another. The two pictures where exhibited separately on two opposite TV screens (37'') in a room, and people walked in the middle of their conversation as they entered the room.

Experimenting with Stopmotion

Something I did with my friend while I was home on holidays.