The Box

The final project of my MSc Animation studies, at University of Kent.
A collaboration with a VFX artist and compositor, that was completed in 3 months.
I modeled, textured, rigged and animated the main character [Steve Aftakis].

The Box tells the story of Steve Aftakis, whose acquisition of a mysterious box
unravels a series of bizarre situations.

More information can be found on the project's blog
Mr Steve Aftakis can be found on facebook here for a chat!

The Box 2012 from Yiannis Philiastides on Vimeo.

Snapshots of the modelling process in Autodesk Mudbox

Month Project: [The Elevator]
I animated both characters on this project, which was completed in a month.

Group Project: [The Beach]

Charlie Chaplin Modelling and Animation Excersices:
I modelled Charlie Chaplin using Maya and Mudbox, and rigged him in Maya using the TSM2 plug-in.
Facial animation was done using blendshapes.